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Image by James Handley

The Angels

Right now, as you read this text, you are surrounded by angels. You have your guardian angels that you were born with, you are being assisted by archangels, and many others.

Angels are messengers, pure spirits of divine light that come to help you in all aspects of your life. They help us evolve, grow and empower ourselves. They want us to be the best version of ourselves, and they work with us to get there. They do not belong to a particular religion, nor do they have physical limitations of space or time, they are multidimensional beings. You can access them for everything from searching for your lost keys to asking for help with the physical healing of a loved one. 

The Archangels

4 Major Archangels

4 Archangels of Transformation

4 Archangels of the Heart

4 Archangels Spiritual Warriors

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