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Let the angels be your guides

Discover your power with Sylvana

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About Sylvana

Very sensitive since she was little, she felt a deep connection with her intuition and the spiritual world. She is an Angelic Master, Angelic Medium and certified Soul Ascension Therapist,  ambassador of mindfulness and meditation, in love with music and nature. 

Sylvana Conectate Equipo.jpeg

Discover the love of your angels and the infinite power within you

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Angelic Therapy

Discover the message that your angels and archangels have for you. It's ideal for people who are looking for guidance about their life or a specific situation.

Angelic Medium Therapy

For those who have lost a loved one and would like to know if they are alright or receive a message.

Angelic Medium Therapy

For those who have lost a loved one and would like to know if they are alright or receive a message.


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Our clients

The experience of connecting with my angels through Sylvi and her tools has been supremely nourishing on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. I had an important question that was answered with clarity and strength. This helped me to have peace of mind and to re-prioritize my daily actions. Incredible things came out during the session where I felt the energy and love of the beings that were with me during the session and that I still feel with me today. It helped me to let go and release stuck energy energy  and to have a new perspective of my story. As a result today I feel lighter, and have clearer priorities. It is always good to remember that we have a spiritual team that is here to support us in our life projects, desires and purpose. 

Andrea Sarmiento

The session with Sylvana is spectacular, she transmits an infinite peace and tranquility that allows you to feel calm and safe. When you are with the angels anything goes: cry, laugh, remember, forgive, and heal. With Sylvana's guidance and help you can identify which path the angels are proposing and what actions you should take to follow their recommendations.

Manuela Serna

The connection Sylver has with the angels is amazing; I felt it from the first moment she asked me to meditate with her to prepare our souls and hearts to receive the little angels.  The recommendations of the angels from Sylver's reading continue to appear in different people and situations in my life.  I continue to be impressed with the special channel that she gave me and continues to give me.

Manuela Ramírez

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